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Aureliola : Anatomical Pomegranate Heart Brooch


Product image 1Aureliola : Anatomical Pomegranate Heart Brooch
Product image 2Aureliola : Anatomical Pomegranate Heart Brooch
Product image 3Aureliola : Anatomical Pomegranate Heart Brooch
Product image 4Aureliola : Anatomical Pomegranate Heart Brooch
Product image 5Aureliola : Anatomical Pomegranate Heart Brooch

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Made by Aureliola,

Length: 7 Centimeters; Width: 5 Centimeters


In Greek mythology, Persephone was the goddess of springtime, flowers, and a powerful Queen of the underworld after her abduction by Hades. Even after agreeing to her release, he tricked her by giving her some pomegranate seeds to eat, meaning -- since she had tasted the food of the underworld -- she was forced to spend the winter months there each year, and the earth would flourish with springtime on her return. Thus, the pomegranate became her symbol.

Even in her abduction, Persephone was a formidable and majestic figure, a venerable queen who transformed her imprisonment into a position of power.

What better way to honour Persephone than with this stunning anatomical heart statement brooch, inlaid with the shining seeds of a pomegranate? This piece is comprised of multiple specialist acrylics representing the different sections of the heart and, in some cases, blood. For the pomegranate, I've chosen a gorgeous marble red for the skin and mirror red for the seeds, engraved with individually drawn detailing.

For those looking to complete their look, please see my other lists for large and small anatomical heart

- Care Information -

Acrylic jewellery is designed to last for years to come, but care must always be taken to keep it looking its best. Mirror acrylic has a grey back coating, which is there to protect it from scratches. When not being worn, I recommend storing it in the box provided, away from direct sunlight and harsh smells or chemicals.

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