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Aureliola : Cheetah Statement Necklace


Product image 1Aureliola : Cheetah Statement Necklace
Product image 2Aureliola : Cheetah Statement Necklace
Product image 3Aureliola : Cheetah Statement Necklace

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Made by Aureliola,



Necklace length: 40 Centimeters; Bib height: 4 Centimeters; Bib width: 14 Centimeters


Nothing quite says determination and focus like a cheetah in forward-motion. Whichever of these qualities you want to embody, show them off with my elegant cheetah statement necklace. This piece is comprised of pure, sparkling gold acrylic with microscopic black tones, carefully chosen to represent the complexity of a cheetah's fur. Each cheetah is then finished with lovingly hand-painted black spots.

Also: among these spots is a tiny hidden heart or two. This is my maker's mark, found (where possible) on all of my animals and creations -- just for a little extra love!

Each piece is carefully hand assembled and paired with a chunky, pale rose gold-plated iron chain.

- Care Information -

Acrylic jewellery is designed to last for years to come, but care must always be taken to keep it looking its best. Mirror acrylic has a grey back coating, which is there to protect it from scratches. When not being worn, I recommend storing it in the box provided, away from direct sunlight and harsh smells or chemicals.

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