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Aureliola : Merbabe Brooch


Product image 1Aureliola : Merbabe Brooch
Product image 2Aureliola : Merbabe Brooch
Product image 3Aureliola : Merbabe Brooch
Product image 4Aureliola : Merbabe Brooch
Product image 5Aureliola : Merbabe Brooch
Product image 6Aureliola : Merbabe Brooch

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Length: 3.5 Centimeters; Width: 6 Centimeters

Made by Aureliola,


Length: 10 Centimeters; Width: 7.5 Centimeters


By far my favourite piece from this collection, this statement mer-babe is for all of the fat babes out there. <3 Whether you have swam the sea to self-love or are still struggling to find your way, this mermaid is a reminder of all you have overcome, the strength you possess, and the absolute beauty of your curves.

Each mermaid is lovingly handpainted by me before being carefully assembled at my home studio in Northern Ireland.

Please note that the acrylics in this brooch will vary in each piece, making each and every one truly unique.

- Care Information -

Acrylic jewellery is designed to last for years to come, but care must always be taken to keep it looking its best. Mirror acrylic has a grey back coating, which is there to protect it from scratches. When not being worn, I recommend storing it in the box provided, away from direct sunlight and harsh smells or chemicals.

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