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Blue Raven Designs : Salty Steve Crocodile earrings

Blue Raven Designs

Regular price $ 38.00 AUD

It's not a Daintree Collection without a Daintree River-dwelling saltwater crocodile. And it's definitely not Aussie if I don't call him Steve.

Salty Steve is more abstract than my usual animal designs. I wanted to turn his prehistoric-looking skin into its own art form. Unlike the brooch, these earrings are a single piece of acrylic that has had the patterns and shapes etched in with gold paint fill. The acrylic is a wavy golden shimmer with shades of dark and light olive green... perfect for a crocodile!

Dimensions:  50 mm W x  80 mm H plus the stud which is 17 mm x 20 mm.

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