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Curious Carousel : Cursed Flower - small Thistle Brooch

Curious Carousel

Product image 1Curious Carousel : Cursed Flower - small Thistle Brooch
Product image 2Curious Carousel : Cursed Flower - small Thistle Brooch

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Bonnie Scotland! I couldn't help but create a little nod to my home. While I live in Australia, I was born in Scotland, my parent's are both from there and I still have a lot of family there! So, I do still call it my home!

The thistle is Scotland's National Emblem, and I adore them! Even though I have hurt myself on them ... quite a few times. I love seeing them growing wild all over Scotland! I have had a thistle necklace, for the last 7 or so years, that barely leaves my neck! I created these Pretty Prickly Thistle earrings to accompany them!

She is made up of 5 pieces and is around 5-7mm thick.

She measures approximately 4.2cm at the largest points.


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