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Eliza Rose : Echidna Brooch

Eliza Rose

Product image 1Eliza Rose : Echidna Brooch
Product image 2Eliza Rose : Echidna Brooch

Regular price $ 80.00 AUD

The echidna steps over mossy rocks to take a sip at the stream. The dusk is cool, the rocks slippery, her quills curled around her protectively.

This brooch features extensive layering to create a realistic depiction of the beautiful shape of an echidna. Echidnas are amazing creatures - with twisted back feet, a poisonous spur, and a little pouch for their newborn puggles. One of only two monotremes alive today (the other being a platypus).



  • 60mm across, 46mm tall.

  • As the pieces are individually hand crafted in the studio, there may be minor differences, making each one unique. Also, please keep in mind slight colour variations between computer/phone screens.

  • Pieces are delicate and are to be treated with care. Give your jewellery a wipe with a soft, clean cloth. Do not spray purfumes or other chemicals on the brooch.

  • All brooches may vary slightly in colour due to acrylic variations. Please note, the brown acrylic is VASTLY different in each piece. Photo is a guide only. Small imperfections can happen in the materials, as is the character of handmade.

  • Roller brooch on the back for secure hold.

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