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Eliza Rose : Kangaroo brooch

Eliza Rose

Product image 1Eliza Rose : Kangaroo brooch
Product image 2Eliza Rose : Kangaroo brooch
Product image 3Eliza Rose : Kangaroo brooch
Product image 4Eliza Rose : Kangaroo brooch

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Playful and sweet, this brooch captures a platypus diving into your local creek to look after her precious eggs, burrowing into the soft sand. The brown acrylic in the platypus can feature pink and green swirls, making each brooch unique. Water streaks behind her on this layered brooch, and the eggs feature beautiful gold and rose gold mirror to catch the light.


  • 46mm across, 58mm tall.

  • As the pieces are individually hand crafted in the studio, there may be minor differences, making each one unique. Also, please keep in mind slight colour variations between computer/phone screens.

  • Pieces are delicate and are to be treated with care. Give your jewellery a wipe with a soft, clean cloth. Do not spray purfumes or other chemicals on the brooch.

  • All brooches may vary slightly in colour due to acrylic variations. Please note, the brown acrylic is VASTLY different in each piece. Small imperfections can happen in the materials, as is the character of handmade.

  • Roller brooch on the back for secure hold.

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