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Gory Dorky : Fugu Brooch

Gory Dorky

Product image 1Gory Dorky : Fugu Brooch
Product image 2Gory Dorky : Fugu Brooch
Product image 3Gory Dorky : Fugu Brooch

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Fugu is a fish that can be lethally poisonous if prepared incorrectly!

In Japan a chef will be expected to train for three of more years to be able to prepare Fugu for consumption in a restaurant, Fugu is often served as Sashimi or chirinabe (A one pot dish where raw ingredients are cooked at the table in a broth)

This brooch is available in two styles, the Fugu on the left is holding a Fuguhiki (a knife originally designed for cutting Fugu into thin slices) and wearing a rope hachimaki, the one on the right is without accessories.


The standard Fugu measures 5cm by 4cm

The Fugu with Fuguhiki and headband measures 6.3cm by 4cm

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