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Gory Dorky : Taiyaki Stand Brooch/Necklace

Gory Dorky

Product image 1Gory Dorky : Taiyaki Stand Brooch/Necklace
Product image 2Gory Dorky : Taiyaki Stand Brooch/Necklace

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Taiyaki are one of Japans most popular street foods! the word Taiyaki means baked sea bream but this snack is completely fish free!


Taiyaki are made from a waffle batter cooked in special double sided fish shaped moulds! One side of the mould will have a filling added to it on top of the waffle batter, the most popular filling is red bean paste or anko.


Once the two halves of waffle are partially cooked the mould is closed and are further cooked sealing the two sides of the Taiyaki together!


This little street food stall is being manned by a Red Sea Bream, in his hand he has a batter dispenser and on his counter he has a commercial Taiyaki maker.


Both of his red banner read Taiyaki, his smaller yellow sign is a menu that reads "Red Bean Filling 1 piece 160 yen, Sweet Potato filling 1 Piece 180 yen"


This Brooch measures 8cm by 7.5cm.


This Brooch features handcast swirled and glitter acrylics, handpainted birch wood and walnut details.

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