Hungry Designs : Original Ship in a Bottle - Laser Cut Acrylic Brooch

Hungry Designs

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    This brooch has been lovingly illustrated and designed to be made into a Hungry Designs brooch. It has been drawn and coloured by Hungry Designs' very own Amanda Whitelaw.

    Quick Brooch rundown:
    Bottle brooch - 10cm wide (from tip to toe of brooch - including cork)
    Engraved and laser cut acrylic
    Hand painted engraving
    15 pieces glued together
    Hook brooch back

    Laser cut, glued and painted by hand, it's the perfect brooch for yourself, a friend or loved one. The whole brooch has been hand painted and then sandwiched between acrylic to give the illusion of a real ship in a bottle.

    Securely attached to the back are two small hinged brooch backs.

    This brooch fantastic attached to a bag, jacket, cardi or hat. Please note that the brooch looks best pinned on a light coloured top, this makes the message in a bottle really stand out!

    Every brooch is slightly different and contain little air bubbles but we really think this adds to the uniqueness of this brooch. These air bubbles can rarely be seen when wearing and only obvious when holding the brooch up to direct light.

    This brooch is made from 15 pieces of acrylic that have been sandwiched together using industrial strength glue. The facing acrylic is backed onto clear acrylic. The acrylic has been hand painted with 2 coats of matte acrylic paint by Amanda of Hungry Designs.

    It doesn't mind a wee spot of rain, but please don't forget to remove it from clothing before putting the item in the washing. It doesn't look anywhere near as cute when it's wet.