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Miss J : Winged Scarab Beetle Brooch - mirror green


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The Scarab Beetle was the incarnation of the God Khepri and was used as a moniker or seal for many of the Royal Bloodlines.

In ancient Egyptian religion the scarab was also a symbol of immortality, resurrection, transformation and protection.

Our winged Scarab Beetle Brooch displays incredible detail for it's size. We used a metallic glittery green inlay on the wings with a blood red inlay on a metallic ancient Gold outline border of wings making this a colour combination out of this world.

The Scarab beetle's turquoise back as a centrepiece rounds this amazing brooch off very well.   

It is finished off with a genuine Mahogany wood backing with our signature etched MissJ logo. 

Size: 110mm x 25mm or 4 1/4in x 1in.

Every piece we make is hand made to order by a highly skilled artisan maker

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