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    Please note this is a pre-order - the release is on the 15th of March and I should have my stock around the 19th.

    The Eye of Horus was one of the most important symbols of Ancient Egypt and the Gods of Old.

    It was the symbol of Royal Power, Good Health and Protection but not to be confused with Ra the Sun God.

    It was taken from the Egyptian Peregrine Falcon, a supreme apex Predator of it's time and owned by many of the Royal Bloodlines.

    It is said that to wear the Eye of Horus wards off evil and passes good fortune to the wearer so expect great things to happen when wearing it.

    Our offering is simply stunning, the level of detail and workmanship displays artisan skill culminating in a beautiful brooch.

    Made from a Metallic Gold, White Mother of Pearl and Gemstone Mirrored acrylic with classic details. It is finished off with a genuine Mahogany wood backing with our signature etched MissJ logo. We make use of a high quality stainless steel 33mm brooch pin to finish the piece off.

    3 Colour Options: 

    Sapphire Blue

    Emerald Green

    Persian Teal

    Size: 75mm x 65mm or 3in x 2 3/4in.

    Every piece we make is hand made to order by a highly skilled artisan maker