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Broochaholics in the news!

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by a writer for ABC life about my interest and love of brooches - I could have talked for hours!

"Fashion may dictate what's 'in' or 'out', but one chic little accessory continues to defy all the rules.

Brooches — those colourful or sparkly, quirky and stylish ornaments usually found pinned to a person's chest — are an easy, inexpensive and smart way to make a lasting impression and let people know who you are."

"In a situation where it may be difficult to know how to connect with a person you've just met — or want to meet — a brooch is an ideal solution.

"Brooches give people a reason to go up and talk to someone and start a conversation," says devotee Rebecca Neale of Brisbane who has been wearing, collecting and selling brooches for four years.


Read the full article here : ABC LIFE


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