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Broochaholic : Wear & Repair : E600 glue : 5.32ml (0.18OZ)


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Industrial strength Adhesive for the crafter and jeweller. Flexible and paintable, E-6000 is a versatile adhesive for repairing or restoring plastic jewellery.

Size: 5.32ml / .18FL Oz



 Made in: USA



Perfect for acrylic jewellery repairs.

E-6000® Contains thick, permanent bonding adhesive. It’s a tough, flexible and highly versatile rubber based compound that exhibits exceptional adhesive, contact adhesive and sealant qualities. It’s washer and dryer safe.


  • Glass / Rhinestone
  • Clay Pottery / Rocks / Sea Shells / Necklace ends
  • Beads / Fabric / Plastic / Hair clips / Bobbie pins
  • Ceramic / Wood / Sealed Paper / Photos
  • Glass / Metal / Ring Blanks / Brooch Backs / Bezels



  • 1 Clean and very lightly sand each surface, with emery tape Code: 863-6012
  • 2 Apply E-6000® directly to both surfaces to be bonded.
  • 3 Allow E-6000® to partially cure 2 minutes before bringing surfaces together. Note: E-6000® hardens by solvent evaporation and forms an immediate bond that is difficult to reposition after both adhesive coated surfaces are placed in contact with each other and sufficient pressure is exerted to establish full contact.
    Paintable after curing. Dries clear.


NOTE: After gluing do not move or touch the project for at least 24 hours, it’s best to leave it for about72 hours for a strong bond. This is because it’s a one pot air dry glue please wait until all the solvent has evaporated.


SPECIAL TIPS: To extend the life of product, be sure cap is secured back to original position. Use a toothpick as a disposable applicator for very small applications such as beading.When you have finished remove the nozzle, recap the tube and allow plastic nozzle to dry. Remove the dried glue from nozzle by pulling out through threaded end and reuse nozzle.

TEMPERATURE RECOMMENDATIONS/LIMITATIONS: Performs best when applied at 21 to 30 degrees C..When fully cured, product can withstand temperatures between -7 and 55 degrees C.

CLEAN UP & REMOVAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Uncured E-6000® can be cleaned by using small amountsof solvents such as Acetone or Citrus based solvent, from Bunnings or a paint supply store. Cured E-6000® requires scraping or cutting away product with sharp knife and use of mineral spirits (i.e. nail polish remover, lighter fluid, lacquer thinner) to soften product.

CAUTION ADVISORIES OR SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS: Use E-6000® in a well ventilated area.Open a window, E-6000® may damage finished surfaces. Avoid prolonged contact until E-6000® is completely dry. Keep away from Children. Don’t use for gluing drinking water containers, or hot liquid containers, avoid vapor fumes, keep away from flames, don’t eat drink or smoke while using it, If it gets in your eyes flush for 15 mins with water and call a doctor. This Glue Contains perchorethylene.

Do not dry clean. Always test material samples prior to use on an original project where reversibility is important.

Great for Gluing & Sealing leaks in PVC, ABS, Copper, Spas, Seal Windscreens, Taillights, Cracks in Concrete, Torn Canvas, Cloth Products, Handbags, Leather, Tiles, Wood, Rubber, Glass, Beads, Jewellery

LIMITED WARRANTY: The Manufacturer and reseller will not accept liability for more than the product replacement. We recommend doing a test project first, to become familiar with using this product.

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