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Cherryloco : Scarab Dung Beetle Brooch [PRE-ORDER]


Product image 1Cherryloco : Scarab Dung Beetle Brooch [PRE-ORDER]
Product image 2Cherryloco : Scarab Dung Beetle Brooch [PRE-ORDER]
Product image 3Cherryloco : Scarab Dung Beetle Brooch [PRE-ORDER]
Product image 4Cherryloco : Scarab Dung Beetle Brooch [PRE-ORDER]
Product image 5Cherryloco : Scarab Dung Beetle Brooch [PRE-ORDER]
Product image 6Cherryloco : Scarab Dung Beetle Brooch [PRE-ORDER]
Product image 7Cherryloco : Scarab Dung Beetle Brooch [PRE-ORDER]

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[Expected delivery at Broochaholic HQ is mid September] 
This striking Egyptian inspired design features a winged scarab beetle holding the sun.

The scarab rolls dung balls along the ground and was thought to be connected to the movement of the sun across the sky. Because of their association with the sun and the sun god ‘Ra’, scarabs were a symbol of prosperity,hope and good fortune. They were worn as amulets to attract good luck and to repel bad luck. There were also seen as a symbol of renewal and rebirth.

The design measures 6.5 cm in width and comprised of numerous little pieces carefully assembled in place with slight layering detail. It is made from mirror, metallic and gloss with a special petrolesque shell acrylic body. There is the option of a brooch or a necklace. The brooch is secured to a horizontal scroll bar and the necklace is suspended from an 18 inch allergy free black plated curb chain.


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