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Happy Stuff Studio : Daisy Earrings - Happy

Happy Stuff Studio

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One day I designed a flower pattern cos I needed some video footage that wasn't my face AGAIN for TikTok (what IS that app omg) and I doodled a cute blue, pink and yellow daisy pattern. And because I'm me, I was like: I want to make this jewellery now. So that is what I did. The end.

Choose from Grumpy, Sleepy or Happy* Daisies, mix and match if you like. The acrylics are absolutely stunning; check the close up photos to peep those textures. They're all backed with plain white acrylic because I like the contrast and cos I'm saving us all a few pennies. Sue me (please don't sue me)

*It is only now typing them out I see I'm missing Doc, Sleepy and... what the heck were the other ones called?


  • 6mm (total thickness) laser cut daisy shaped earrings
  • Stainless steel 2cm hoop 
  • Approx 6.5cm long including the hoop
  • Designed and assembled by my own fair hand in Lahndan Tahn.

    Made in the UK by Happy Stuff Studio.


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