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Happy Stuff Studio : Potato Beetle Brooch

Happy Stuff Studio

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This was another critter which I totally associate with the village in Spain. These little orange beetles were everywhere, and we knew them as los escarabajos de la patata (or, potato beetles). Having never seen them anywhere else I didn't know other people knew them too! I found this out after thinking I should probably remind myself of what these beetles look like to see if my memory had deceived me (it had) but by this point I was so in love with what I'd already designed that although he isn't exactly like the beetles that inspired him he's close enough. And the eyes. THE EYES.


  • 6mm (total thickness) laser cut daisy shaped brooch
  • He's a chonky boi so I've used a 4.5 cm standard brooch clasp 
  • 6.5cm approx long; 3.5 cm approx high
  • Designed and assembled by my own fair hand in Lahndan Tahn.

Made in the UK by Happy Stuff Studio.


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