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Happy Stuff Studio : Salamander Necklace

Happy Stuff Studio

Regular price $ 46.95 AUD

Initially I was only going to create a necklace from my salamander illustration but when it came to it I was feeling brave and I couldn't resist a matching set. So now you can enjoy this earring and necklace of mis-matched-matchy salamanders!

There are two colours available, and because of the way they're designed either one will look brilliant with the earrings. The orange salamander is backed with pink/lilac and vice versa. Both with my signature weird wonky eyes to intimidate your enemies, or seriously wound them with laughter.


  • 6mm (total thickness) laser cut salamander necklace
  • Stainless steel adjustbale chain with lobster clasp
  • Approx 9.5cm long; 3.7cm wide at widest point
  • Designed and assembled by my own fair hand in Lahndan Tahn.

    Made in the UK by Happy Stuff Studio.


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